Meet Your Basic Needs

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At a time like this, it's normal to be overwhelmed, confused and afraid. Losing a job can have a huge impact on your life – down to even your most basic needs, like food, housing, health insurance and happiness. We're here to help. This section provides you with resources, tips and instructions on how to get through this tough time – so you can concentrate on looking for a new job.

Before you move on to the next major section, please make sure you've spent time within each area listed above, including Emotional Support. The reason this is so critical is simple: You won't be able to focus on job hunting if you are worried about paying bills, confused about health insurance or still dealing with your emotions.

I'm ready to move to Make a Career Plan.

Make a Career Plan

Take a Closer Look

Now that you've addressed your basic needs, it's time to focus on your job hunt. But before you begin searching for the same type of job you previously held, now's the perfect time to take a good look at your career, skills and education.

We can help guide you along the way with questions, answers and resources. Let's get started!

Take Action

You're ready. You've addressed your basic needs, taken a closer look at your career and developed a plan. Now it's time to take action. Let's start by finding the right opportunities.